People are fascinating, everywhere, from Las Cruces to New York to Bac Ha to an Iban longhouse and beyond. Here are people we saw just for a moment.

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1 Young Viet women, Pho Ga, Viet Nam

2 I love this attitude – Akha toddler, Thaliand

3 Essence of childhood – fortunetelling station, Kiyozumi-dera temple, Kyoto

4 Iban elder in longhouse above Sarikei and Sibu, Malaysian Borneo

5 Impromptu dance, Iban longhouse, Malaysian Borneo

6 Proud owner of fighting cock, Rantepao market, Tana Tojaja, Sulawesi

7 Mother and daughter by little food shop near Ha` Giyang, Viet Nam

8 Boys at play in a market, Tana Toraja, Sulawesi

9 Boy playing pan pipes in an Akha village, Thailand

10 Proud Flower Hmong vendor, Bac Ha market, Viet Nam


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