Some images bring up memories of simply being in the moment.  How did we ever find ourselves here, from our simple beginnings?

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Hovering does not work on touchscreen devices such as smart phones; I may try to add CSS to handle the lack of hover on such devices.  In lieu of that here is an expandable list.  Image 1 is Lou Ellen holding David as we immersed ourselves in the Japanese worldview, even if only for several days. Images run to the right from there.

Accompanying the still images is a video that I put on YouTube.  It’s from the world’s largest musical fountain, in Luoyang, Henan, China, as it plays “Little Apple,’ the catchy International Song of the Year to the accompaniment of a striking laser display.

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1 Lou Ellen holding David at the Iwaso Inn, Miyajima Island

2 The Thorn Tree Cafe’ in 1980 – guess where

3 Vince and WT friends, probably Samburu Game Reserve, 1977

4 Woman feeding her water buffalo, Rantepao market, Tana Toraja, Sulawesi

5 In an Iban longhouse above Sibu and Sarikei, Malaysian Borneo

6 Our G train in Zhengzhou station, Henan, China; > 200kph


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