All over we made new friends, some as friends of the day, some long-term friends. Sometimes we greeted people with phrases we knew, sometimes it was the guide we had for our treks, sometimes it was in English.  In China we met up with school friends of Yi from the Ohio State University!

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1 On the boat in Ha Long Bay – “drug dealer” (sugar merchant)

2 “Osama bin Fort Rotterdam” – wonderful multilingual guide

3 Young Torajan women in Rantepao – led to a mutual portrait party

4 Ayako Konishi – vivacious owner of ryokan Ohanabo, Kyoto

5 Lydia Namanga – guess where, 1980

6 “Little Hand Towel” (center), The Food Gallery, Xi’An, China

7 Cheery pomelo vendors, on road near Parepare, Sulawesi

8 Bugis sailor, Old Harbor, Macassar, Sulawesi – he took us aboard

9 Children of Bunaken Village, Pulau Bunaken, Sulawesi

10 Wirawan (Wawan), shipbuilder, Tana Berhu, Sulawesi – still in touch!

11 Giay mother and daughter, Cuong Phuong, homestay, Viet Nam


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