Art and architecture blend in Asia.  In Japan an exquisite piece of art in a storefront window riveted our eyes.  I Ketut Berati created an elegant dance mask before our eyes in Blah Batuh, Bali.  Temple figures in Bangkok are both massive and refined.  Torii in Japan hold special places for the Japanese and for us.  On the lighter side, we fantasize about having the orange paint concession for the torii.

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1 Golden glass bowl, Crafts Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

2 Exquisite craft in store window, Kyoto

3 I Ketut Berati carving a mask, Bali

4 Guardian figures, Wat Phra Kaew = Grand Palace, Bangkok

5 Naga at end of great staircase, small wat near Phitsanulok, Thailand

6 Torii into the water, Miyajima Island, near Hiroshima

7 World Heritage site, Tana Toraja starship houses

8 And who can forget the tomb of Mumtaz Mahal…


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